How to become an escort

Becoming a London escort is a big step for anyone. We would definitely recommend that you put in a lot of thought into this before proceeding. The world of escorting is not for everyone. Like many things in life there are both benefits and disadvantages in this field.

In today’s world the first port of call for researching the escort scene would be the internet. Doing a Google search for the term "How to become an escort" might be a good place to start. Also looking up the websites of escort agencies in your area would be useful. Escort review sites would be another way to try and get a feel of the industry. Here clients place reviews of the escorts they have visited. They also make comments on their experiences with the escort agencies and may also pass on what the escorts they visited think of the agencies they work for.

Once you have accumulated the necessary information to assist you on your decision. There are some questions you need to ask yourself. If you are going to become an escort, would you decide to initially join an escort agency or work independently for yourself? If you wish to become an independent escort, you will be in charge of dealing with the clients directly. This does not mean you cannot also join an escort agency. Here at Saucy London escorts we have had a number of escorts who work independently for themselves as well as with our saucy team.

An important question you need to think about is whether you think you can handle being an escort. You will be required to travel around and meet new people. You will have to be reliable and easily contactable. It can be hard work and stressful especially if you need to hide your activities from your friends and family.

Another obvious point you should consider, is whether you have the right looks to be an escort. Escorts come in all shapes and sizes and as long as you are an adult, age should not be a problem within reason. When applying for an escort agency you will be required to send a few pictures. This will help work out whether there is a market for you as an escort. By browsing around websites you can take a look at the other ladies and their appearance. If there are some escorts that look a bit like you then that should be reassuring. If you are going to join an online escort agency it is highly recommended you get a professional photo shoot done. Now this does cost money and may not be cheap. Some agencies might be able to get you work with amateur pictures.

Once you have chosen the agency or agencies you wish to work for. Apply to then online. Leave a contact number and a contact time for them to get back to you. It is important to be professional and dealing with an escort agency is just like dealing with any other agency in other fields. It is important to make a good impression and ask any questions that will help you with your decision. Not only on becoming an escort but on choosing an agency or agencies to represent you.

Please remember escort agencies will not ask you for a joining fee. If this happens it is highly likely that you are about to be scammed. Agencies should ask you for an interview. This should take place in a public setting like a bar or cafe. Dress smartly and to impress. Make sure you ask all the questions you need to. After the interview most communication is done over the phone so it is a good chance to talk to an escort agent in person.

The most important thing about becoming an escort, as well as joining an agency is that you are in control, not the agency. You will be able to be available for bookings when you want. You will be able to turn down a client for any reason. Obviously you will not be paid. A good reputable escort agency will never pressure you or complain if you act professionally and communicate well with them.